Leonard Building Company is Oklahoma’s premier Metal Building Erector. Located in the OKC metro, we are positioned to service any location in the state and surrounding areas.

From Pre-engineered metal buildings, to retrofit roofs, repairs, and structural steel, we can provide for your metal building needs.


Leonard Building Company considers the personal safety and health of employees, contract workers and facility personnel to be of primary importance. We believe that these individuals are our most valuable  assets and that their safety and health at LBC work sites is our greatest responsibility. Occupational safety and health will not be compromised to the demands of project schedule, production or cost.

LBC requires all workers to abide by OSHA Safety and Health Standards, State and local regulations. In the interest of worker safety, LBC will require measures exceeding OSHA’s standards where conditions and experience warrant.

Previous Projects

Leonard Building Company has a wide variety of previous projects, including Mathis Brother Sleep Centers, Philips 66, Halliburton Credit Union, and many more.

Phillips 66 Halliburton Credit Union Mathis Brother Sleep Centers